Will You Need a Digital Converter Box?

Starting in February 2009, all television signals will switch from analog to digital. That means if you own an older tv set, it will lose its signal. If you are still watching an analog tv with rabbit ears, then you will need to purchase a digital converter box or buy a digital tv. Digital tv’s can be expensive. If you are on a tight budget, buying a digital converter box is your best option.

If your tv has rabbit ear antennas, when you turn on your tv on February 19 all you will see is snow. This can easily be prevented. The government is providing two $40 coupons for two converter boxes per household. Simply go to http://www.dtv2009.gov for more information about obtaining these free coupons. The cheapest digital converter boxes can be found at your local Walmart for about $50.00. When you purchase your new box just hand them your coupon and you pay the difference. The coupons expire in 90 days.

If you have cable or satellite service then there will be no need to get a digital converter box. If you have some tv’s in your home that are not hooked up to a cable or satellite service, then those tv’s will need a converter box. Some people may choose to buy a digital tv instead. Regular digital tube tv’s can be found for $100 to $300. Flat screens can run anywhere from $300 to over $6000. If this is not an option for you, it’s recommended to get your digital converter box as soon as possible.

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